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2009-05-13 16:26:07 by BinaryGuy

OKAY! as a demo i made a song i'm busy with into a loop so later when the full song comes out this "demo" wont be a waste. /238173

Yeah, its a song about slap bass, and oh guess what... it's built around slap bass!!

Vote in the Audio Portal!

2009-03-30 19:38:39 by BinaryGuy

Not enough people pay attention to the audio portal!
Go listen to some inspiring artist's song!! DOO EET!!

New Song Coming up!

2008-10-22 20:00:52 by BinaryGuy

It starts off with a slow Jazz bass to it and then i throw in some hard rock drums. the beat and everything matches up nicely and sounds great!
Then the Drums and jazz bass get crazier! then i toss in some awesome high hat riffs. then the bass and rock guitar slowly build into it and the Jazz goes away. I am in the process of making a middle and end to it but the build so far is a bit under 2 minutes. I might submit to a rock genre or just misc. i'm not sure yet.


2008-07-06 20:56:17 by BinaryGuy

I honestly Composed a song on the piano! and then i played it live!
It is called "Moon Distraction"

Alright Guys!

2008-06-23 22:09:28 by BinaryGuy

I know some of you want to hear more of my music, whether its just 1 or 2 or 20 hiding from me, i know someone is out there!
I can assure you! I am about to inherit a Piano and will be able to record and make my own samples and give you some great music! and I'll sing for you too! (I can do that)
It'll be some good times guys!

Everyone votes on incoming flash submissions because they are rewarded, but there is an audio portal too! Be the good NG-er and vote on some incoming audio submissions today! While you're at it Here is an incoming audio submission that needs some votes!
don't neglect the other half of New Grounds!

Is no one on the audio portal? my new song has 0 votes!

2007-09-26 19:17:46 by BinaryGuy

Guys! i made a 2 minute song its been on the audio portal listens for 1 hour usually by that time i got atleast 5 or 10 votes! but this song has 0 votes so far!
go have a listen!
go vote what you think it deserves!

Very Proud of new song!

2007-09-12 17:17:15 by BinaryGuy

I liked it! its ambient called "child at play" go have a listen and tell me what you think guys!

This is some picture i found on its a bit funny


Very Proud of new song!

Here I am

2007-08-01 11:52:43 by BinaryGuy

Working on a flash website...A second poking game.

Its gonna be fun, a Four Second Firestorm spin off, the original poking game and difficulty levels! I might make hard have like... all these distorted faces and moving stuff... really crazy. Easy will be boring... I recommend something harder than easy!!

Anyway the website isn't complete... its very far from completion... you can see the website over here:
I'm not popular enough for a domain name!

anyway I haven't even started on the game yet and summer is coming to an end. so BYE

here's a picture of a glowing toilet:

Here I am