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Is no one on the audio portal? my new song has 0 votes!

2007-09-26 19:17:46 by BinaryGuy

Guys! i made a 2 minute song its been on the audio portal listens for 1 hour usually by that time i got atleast 5 or 10 votes! but this song has 0 votes so far!
go have a listen!
go vote what you think it deserves!


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2007-09-26 19:45:38

I'll go vote on your song! but you'd better go vote on one of my movies!


2007-09-26 19:52:41

I know! Nobody goes to the audio portal! I saw a submission with only 4 votes, 1 review and 0 downloads! This is sooo retarted!


2007-09-26 22:57:20

I never even touched the audio portal before. It's very cool, but I'm more interested in flash.

I voted 5


2007-10-18 07:39:20

sorry! but your wake up song is soo cool! LOL!