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I was foetunate enough to attend a highschool with a shiny Mac lab. We had a room with 30 $5k Mac computers in 2006. They were all brand new and came preloaded with a slew of software. I started a YouTube channel, and started posting songs I would refer to in my head as "apple loops."

As a teenager, I thought it was pretty cool to lie about how I made the music... and I got away with it for the most part since $5k macs were rare back then... but lying about a friend jamming with me? Lol...

Sometime after graduation, I no longer had access to clicking apple loops and so, of course, needed to acquire software. I didn't bother learning fl studio from tutorials, which is a realy shame since it's a very powerful tool once you get to know it, so I fumbled around with the presets until it felt like apple loops again.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I tried recording a few live songs on the piano, but the recording equipment was grossly underpowered and the piano was more than two tones out of tune.

Well, now I have used my fancy pants big boy job to pay for actual licenses to use fl studio, and I found out my yamaha keyboard I bought last year has a usb port. Hot dog! 🔥 I'm learning through tutorials now, and if you don't mind... I'll upload songs again.

At this point, I don't know if I want to closet this newgrounds account and get a new one. There are a lot of tracks which I have fond memories of... but which are nowhere near the quality or creative level I'm trying to pursue now. I intend for anything I upload now to legitimately be something of an effort for whatever level of ability I have at the time... I want to view this as a problem that needs to be solved because, like in my big boy job, having to solve a problem makes me actually go learn stuff.

So here's the problem: make the music sound professional and like it belongs in the genre.

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