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Those men have crazy hormone deficiencies.

The animation was good, the joke lasted too long. Glad Zelda came in to bring it together.

Classic Newgrounds! so great to see.
Ska music? That stuff died and came back! SO HIPSTER RETRO!

77 to 76? must've had some great defense from both sides!

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This music was great!
Good reference for the rest of us!

I finally got to Hexagon. This game is AWESOME! it just feels really good.
I have an imagination, and i think this game would have been talked about for decades if it had come out in the 1980's. you know, as an arcade cabinet? I honestly want this game in an arcade cabinet.
1 quarter = 5 tries, 1 nickel = 1 try.
It would be so awesome!
Well i have the game bookmarked and play it a little bit every day. i am so damn impressed with how it is able to keep my attention...
Well i'm back to beat my new high score of 63 seconds.
oh also, Super hexagon looks IMPOSSIBLE. but i need to try it...

I figured it out!
sit still for several hours, come back and take two steps, than you'll have all the evolutions!
had fun exploiting the game. :P

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gotta love this thing. Now I hope no one uses it unless that have a COMPLETELY EPIC game or movie, because It would do the song a great injustice to be used by a COMPLETE NOOB.

been 5-voting this a bit. well every few days, because it needs to be seen more.
good luck with the music industry! we should collab sometime!
keep it up

Mrkapow responds:

Hey BinaryGuy! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!
And to you as well! I loving Brilliant!-2298, dar I say it, its brilliant! haha love the melody.
Would love to collab some time. Never done it before and would be awesome to try it with you!
thanks again!

i didn't know glass could bend. (long time no see, again)
nice track, mysterious at the beginning. You need some more 5 votes. because I think this song could easily be in the top 50 or so of it's genre. well, when people go to "house" the expect to hear the BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM house music, and there wasn't a lot of bass to that. hmmm it's kind of ambient now that i think about it. but I like it regardless. come see my music too DUDE!!!
okay collab with you later--- by

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my interpretation of the art:
This is obviously a woman with a dildo half sticking out of her vagina. the muscles are the woman's struggle in society to get above men in the world.
this is very inspirational to women everywhere.
thank you


It's so abstract and detailed at the same time.
the background enhances the foreground and the foreground owns.

you got some chops

looks good to me, i like the style of a black background and one color there.
looks scratchy and strangely i like that.
oh oh i got an idea! check ur inbox in a few hours

I just kinda lurk and review audio nowadays. I do check the main page almost everyday. i know about tons of artists (old and new, audio and flash) so i am a very experienced newgrounder. but because i don't post in the forums not a lot of people know me.

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