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Here I am

2007-08-01 11:52:43 by BinaryGuy

Working on a flash website...A second poking game.

Its gonna be fun, a Four Second Firestorm spin off, the original poking game and difficulty levels! I might make hard have like... all these distorted faces and moving stuff... really crazy. Easy will be boring... I recommend something harder than easy!!

Anyway the website isn't complete... its very far from completion... you can see the website over here:
I'm not popular enough for a domain name!

anyway I haven't even started on the game yet and summer is coming to an end. so BYE

here's a picture of a glowing toilet:

Here I am


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2007-08-01 12:03:39

Whoever crapped a glowing turd is very talented.


2007-08-01 12:16:32

Whoever crapped a glowing turd must of ate radioactive chunks.