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Well yous tayed in key, on tempo and had a definate beat and varied the melodies and everyhting, you even had chorus bride and all the others.
but the genre, WTF KIND OF A SONG IS THIS?!?
I'd say whatever you are inventing is a new style of music entirely and that's why people aren't liking it.
but i say good job, keep it up!

Raigon50 responds:

actually, this song is a remix of a song called "ZXZ" by Family Farce.

here's a link to the original song:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-Bm74 FtUhE

and Family Farce's site:

I didn't make any new style of music, but Family Farce did. He uploadd ZXZ samples for people to use ti make their own ZXZ remixes.

large STRAIGHT!!

don't know if you noticed or not but your url is 234567 which is a very large straight.
as for the song its a bit silly and funky, but sounded like it was in a weird key which is okay. 8-bit is cool and this is a solid song, it's not one i'd listen to for hours but it is definitely a solid song!
i'd say keep it up man

Marks-a-lot responds:

haha I didn't even know. Now I need a yahtzee. If we are talking poker I can beat two pair, pair, and high card. I like my chances. If you found this song by typing in that url I tip the cap to you my friend. thanks for the comment.

nice one

around 0:30 i heard a variant! i can tell you have your main 3 chords but im really happy to hear that you deviated from them every now and then, really gave the song that extra touch that only someone with a good set of ears could have.
you say you can't organize your songs but you have some ears on you! i'd say keep that up! develop the talent you have and make some great songs dood!

but this song clipped a lot. so it's not solid yet, but it's really close to being a good solid song!

ShinyArmor responds:

yeah i know what you mean....

Thanks alot Guy


jack black is cool! but you were a bit hard on him, he shouldn't have fucked you so hard but really.... lol
oh and it loops nice!

DedMunkE responds:

thanx bro. u gotta check out the first part where we used the andrew dice clay soundboard. that was hilarious.


the sound that came in at 0:30 was way off tempo.
threw off the song really. it came in again at 1:02 but that time it sounded like it was on beat. the sound at 1:18 was off beat/tempo too. and it stayed off beat until 2:22 when it went away. then there is something in the background around 3:00 that is off too. at 3:30 there are at least 3 different beats/songs going on. at 3:50 there is more off tempo sounds.
and that's where i stopped.
i would go back and rip this song apart and put it back together with the main song in mind.
don't let it get ya down, garage band doesn't help much with this tempo stuff. just be more careful next time

FloorNinja responds:

I always sorta thought that some parts were off beat, but I thought fuck it I'll put it up anyways. I might redo it later, but I'm kinda lazy.

wow that's deep man

deep deep bass. real dark, i like that.
but the synths in the background got old real quick. i'd add more variation to that.
the harps and brass didn't tie in very well. well, but not very well.
it needs some work, but i'd work on it yeah
like the idea, but keep working on it!
keep it up!

EwaR responds:

Cheers! Getting these samples into the track was my main aim, and after the bass & beat i lost sight of it a bit. I've been thinking of working it tho, i know what you mean about the lack of variation!

Cheers man


nice solid song. it definately takes it's time, but i mean that in a good way.
it sounds like im being captured by your waves of song-ness.
not for my tastes, but even without my taste i can tell it's a solid song.
keep making stuff!

Helth responds:



wait no... they are dancing and humping on each other, nevermind.
niiiicce mix, the breakdown at around 0:40 needs a little work i'd say.
but this is a nice solid song you've got. good job!
keep it up!

dj-Jo responds:

Nice storyline
You should check out my raving egytians Demo

its gonna be great :D


if i ever make a flash where the hero goes to hell, ill use this one.
agony!! the agony!! i felt it in this submition!
nice one

Listenr responds:

lol xD ty

video game

sounds like a platformer's song. the key jumped around a lot, but as a first song it is very good. nice bass synths, all i'd do is work more! make more get the practice GO ALL THE WAY!!!
keep it up

Bobo-boy responds:

thanks men
and that for my first :P


I just kinda lurk and review audio nowadays. I do check the main page almost everyday. i know about tons of artists (old and new, audio and flash) so i am a very experienced newgrounder. but because i don't post in the forums not a lot of people know me.

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